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    Technical Specifications :
  • XC2S200-5PQ208
  • A Xilinx XCF02S PROM.
  • On Board JTAG circuitry, that connects directly with PC through parallel cabel
  • 4x40 pin expantion connector used to connect off board interfacing circutes
  • 16 inputs and 16 output LED's, controlled via dip-switches.
  • 3 Onboard reset switches.
  • 10 / 50 MHZ Onboard cristal oscillator.
  • 4 Seven segment display.
  • 2 PS2 Connectors for keyboard and mouse interface.
  • Onboard analog to Digital converter interface.
  • Onboard Digital to Analog converter interface.
  • Onboard VGA connector interface.
  • Software : Free xilinx software 12.1(web pack)

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