Microprocessor  /  Microcontroller 8051 Development Board (89V51RD2)

    Technical Specifications :
  • Microcontroller: P89V51RD2 with 11.0592MHz crystal
  • Double side high quality PCB board to provide extra strength to the connector joints for increased reliability.
  • Power: 12 DC, Heat sink on 7805 for better current rating.
  • Reverse polarity protected.
  • Switches: Reset, Power.
  • RS232 serial interface.
  • On Board 4 Seven Segment.
  • On Board 8 Led.
  • On Board DC motor Interface.
  • On Board Stepper motor Interface.
  • On Board LCD Controller.
  • On Board Relay Controller.
  • On Board ADC.
  • On Board DAC.
  • On Board Matrix keypad.
  • On Board Dip Switch (1X8).
  • On Board EEPROM, RTC & IR control.
  • 10 pin FRC connectors and soldering pads on all ports.
  • Compatible with General purpose prototyping board for development board for stackable design.

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